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Our Homes and how they operate

Since 2006, we have rescued and cared for about 120 children in desperate transitional situations and we are permanently fostering 30 children in 5 family homes. Our homes are based around Cape Town in Pinelands, Goodwood, Wynberg, Observatory and Mowbray.

Unlike large orphanages where children are often neglected and abused, Ukuthemba concentrate on creating a small family nucleus of 6 children with a house mother, providing a home-like environment where they can be nurtured and attend the local schools with the emphasis being on love, education and protection.

Our children stay with us permanently until they are in permanent employment and can afford to live on their own or share with other young adults.


Ensuring a solid educational foundation when children are young improves their ability to progress well throughout their school career.

The government do not provide nursery schools, so all of our children attend local private schools or play groups.  Our children then go to the local primary and high schools and our foster homes are all located near good quality schools. Extra tutoring or remedial support is often needed for many of our children, particularly when it comes to literacy and numeracy.

School fees, school uniforms, books, extra tuition and transport to and from school are annual major costs. Whilst these costs are high they are fundamental to the great results we achieve.

Support and Therapy

Many of our children come from extremely distressing situations, where there may have been sexual, physical or substance abuse, as well as neglect.

A large number of children require occupational, play or speech therapy or counselling of some kind, to help them deal with their emotions or feelings of abandonment and distress. Social workers constantly monitor and assess each of our children to ensure that they are not only receiving quality of care, but that each child is being supported and encouraged to grow into well rounded, independent young adults, who are able to reach their full potential.

Hobbies and Activities

Our children are given every opportunity to experience a normal childhood.

We encourage them to attend special events, celebrating birthdays, or taking part in extra mural activities to develop their individual talents. Currently our children take part in activities such as swimming, football, hockey, cricket, surfing, dance, karate, art and various clubs. 

Working in Partnership

Ukuthemba joined forces seven years ago with Home from Home who provide the staff and expertise to operate four of our five homes.

Founded in 2005, it became one of the first non-profit organisations in South Africa to be registered as a Cluster Foster Care Scheme.

Their expertise ensures our foster mothers and assistants are carefully screened and provided with access to regular supervision, training courses and workshops which will help them in caring for the children in their home.

Our homes are also linked to a community-based associate, which is either a local community or faith-based organization, who we work with in the set-up and running of the homes, meaning that the children are integrated into their local community.

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