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Ukuthemba Foundation, in conjunction with local authorities, rescues babies and toddlers who face incredibly difficult situations, including extreme poverty, abuse, neglect and disability and keeps them safe by providing a loving home environment. Many of these children are born with drug and alcohol dependencies.


The Ukuthemba Foundation provides a permanent solution for orphaned and abandoned children in South Africa.

Kim Killeen – Founder

The crisis for orphaned and abandoned children in South Africa

1 million children are born in South Africa every year and the country’s 20 million children make up 35% of the population. Women in the country experience tens of thousands of crisis pregnancies annually.  In many instances, the mothers are not able to raise their babies.

In 2017 there were estimated 2.4 million orphaned children living in SA, having lost one or both parents, and more than half of these could benefit from adoption because they do not live in a safe environment or have communal care.

The children most in need of adoption are those abandoned by their families. There are about 3,500 such children that survive abandonment every year.  Estimates are that for every one child found alive, two are found dead and many abandoned babies are never found. Research shows that 65% of abandoned children are new-borns and 90% are under the age of one. A large number of babies have already survived a late-term illegal abortion prior to being abandoned.

Orphaned and abandoned children face a dangerous and uncertain future.  The ruling ANC party says that drugs, violence and gang activity are wreaking havoc in many communities with rape and sexual assault in the country are a national crisis. Of the 21,000 murders in 2018-19, 1,000 were of children.

If children have no family they desperately need adoptive families to care for them to provide safely and security. That is where Ukuthemba helps


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