Basic grocery hamper




Maize Meal 1kg
1 Bull Brand Corned Meat
Cereal 300g
Chakalaka 300g
1 First Value Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 410g
1 First Value Processed Peas 410g
1 First Value Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce 410g
1 First Value Tomato Onion Mix 410g
1 First Value Mixed Veg 410g
1 Rhodes Mixed Fruit Jam 450g
1 Spekko Rice 500g
1 Trotters Jelly 40g
2 Tea Time teabags 10’s
2 Selati white Sugar 250g
2 Knorr Soup 22g assorted flavours
4 Imana Top Class Soya Mince 100g
2 Henro Lemon Cream Mini Biscuits 100g
2 Henro Marie Biscuits 95g
2 Salt 500g
1 Packo Masala Curry Powder 7g
6 Bull Brand Stock Powder 15g
6 Drink-O-Pop sachets 5g
8 Star Pops Baxtons 10’s
1 Poppers Puffs 45g
Bucket 25 litre


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