Want To Help Us? There are many ways to do it!

From purchasing crucial every day items, to showing brand love by becoming a sponsor for a home or a child for one year, there are many ways you can help to spread the smiles and help us to keep fulfilling our passions for child care.

Make A Donation

You can use any of the quick donation options available on the website or purchase some of the goods from the wish-list in our shop.

Corporate Sponsorships

Sponsors receive regular updates from our homes and from our children and companies can promote their support with our web badge.

Support a child for a Year

Sponsors receive regular updates from Ukethemba about the homes you are supporting and the fundamental difference your contribution is making.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

For direct sponsorship using one of the options below, please make direct contact by phone or through our contact form and we will be in touch to formalise the relationship. 

Quick Contact

Can you support a child for a year?

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