“There is such a sense of fulfilment taking in vulnerable babies and giving love security and education and seeing them through to adults in an environment of family life just as one does with one’s own children”

Jenny is one of our Foster mothers who has been with the foundation since inception.

Stories from our Children

When Sipho first arrived in 2009, he was three years old and gravely ill.


He was not receiving treatment for a medical condition, his father had committed suicide and his mother was not coping and drinking heavily. Sipho is now physically fit ten years later, is talkative and full of smiles! He enjoys hip hop and plays hockey. Even though he has had a challenging past and has had to overcome many obstacles in his young life, Sipho has grown so much and is incredibly comfortable within himself and has good self- esteem.

Shay is 17 years old and came to us at the age of eight.


Her father was unable to care for her adequately.  Shay is a quiet child with a smile that lights up her face. She has a particular love of animals and enjoys hip hop dancing. At school, her leadership qualities were recognised and she is a school prefect. To prepare her for the transition to adulthood she is taking part in a mentoring programme and an independent living programme.

Self -Portraits from our budding little artists!

Our Mission is to deliver good well educated people into society with the core memories of a happy childhood. 

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